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Meeting the Menagerie

Meeting the Menagerie

Saturday night – time to reflect on the day’s pet acquisitions and relax a little. I leveled a few pets here and there today. Managed to find some elusive rare pets that have been more stubborn than others in Draenor. Worked on some Awfully Big Adventure. You know, crazy pet battle person stuff.

My favorite new discovery of the day is the Golden Dawnfeather. I raved about her on Twitter tonight too ( — I like her so much,  I had to get Helvette to introduce her to the Menagerie. Why oh why oh why can’t you have a menagerie till 100? And if you don’t have a level 3, you are seriously missing out. It’s my favorite thing about the whole place. If you have a stable you’ll sort of know what I mean. Like your mounts, your pets sort of rotate in the garrison – in a pen by the battle area usually, where they appear to be being fed.  But there are also always a few ‘wanderers’ – having a stroll around the place.

So, I took the as-yet-not-named-Dawnfeather to meet them all. Most of the current ‘patrol’ was studiously uninterested. The Kun Lai Runt was in a hurry to get somewhere, and the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti was definitely ignoring us. I think he’s feeling over worked.  But my blue moth was different! Her name is Clarice, by the way. She stayed with us – really close by chirping away to the new bird for a long time. I was up and down the hill trying to get screen shots as the others hurried past – but Clarice seemed to like her.

I have not yet introduced her to any of the cats.

Tranquilly right past



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The Horde Hearthstone Tax

Gnome at work - Hearthstone

So, I’ve been playing this gnome. And I hope to go into way more detail about WHY  I would do such a thing very soon. Hoping. Because I have a lot to say about it. But, putting aside your incredulity, glee, or rage for the moment, can I direct your attention to the Hearthstone TABLE she is sitting at? Yes, it is a table. And it was just magically THERE at my level 1 Garrison! Helvette was overjoyed when she could PURCHASE, for ONE THOUSAND gold, the board when her Garrison was Level 3. And she has to sit on the cold snowy ground of the Horde Garrison.

I call Horde Tax shenanigans

It would be nice, though, if some of my followers and NPCs would actually PLAY.

Gnome with Naeeemantie at Hearthstone