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Rock Lover


THAT, my friends is a Draenei Hunter. She was born in the Burning Crusade. She has been living in Deepholm for the good part of a year (possibly more). When she hit 83, I parked her there to get Exalted with those rock people. Then to get the Rock Lover Achievement.  Rescue Pebble 10 times? How hard can THAT be. Well. It’s a daily that SOMETIMES appears. Kittyne is today level 87. And TODAY she rescued Pebble for the 10th time. Finally.  I tweeted sometime in the fall that I only had one to go … I’d have to check my Twitter stream to be sure exactly when.

But I have him. He goes in the menagerie with everyone else.

Not sure what to do with Kittyne now. Tempted to have a look at the Alliance side of Draenor. As if I need MORE Garrison work!

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Come on over to my place


Hearthstone 3


I may never need to leave my garrison ever again. My pets wander around randomly. It’s so adorable to see them ‘out and about’ and ‘acting naturally’.  Before I upgraded to level 3, I was logging in and out of two Vixxyne and Myinx’s mini-garrisons to check on followers and work orders. But after upgrading yesterday around 5 or so, until I went to bed at 1:30 (and indeed today), I haven’t felt the urge. There is SO much to take care of in just this one. And, eventually, I’ll have to gear up some more. Only passing Bronze proving grounds isn’t going to get me far. I’ll get there – but I’m not in a rush.

Hmmm  - I wonder.

Seriously, this Hearthstone board was worth every gold piece. Can you imagine? You can play Hearthstone in real life vs your friend, talk on Mumble, and have your friend’s character sitting across from you in your Garrison on the other screen while you play??? Helvette looks like her next move is a tough decision.


From the bottom of my fangirl heart, I would like to thank all the World of Warcraft developers for the magical thing that is my Level 3 Garrison. I mean, I thought garrisons were pretty neat before level 3, but I got some things done yesterday after dinging 100 and collapsing, and I am so impressed, and so enamored.

When I upgraded to level 3 and took a deep breath to have a proper look around, I felt so at home and so grateful for this gift. I should mention that this also involves my pet menagerie, but I have so many feels about that I may have to give it special treatment a bit later. Seeing your followers wandering around, talking to each other is awesome. The appearance of characters from my questing? Amazing!   I have always felt ‘at home’ in World of Warcraft and this really just makes it special.



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Taralune – Talador Pet Tamer – Warlords of Draenor

I was really pleased to beat this tamer on my first try today 🙂 Not with your-average team, but I don’t claim to be your site for strategies that work for you either 🙂 For that you need to go to
Taralune team - 1sst


My team: Spectral Porcupette, Sprite Darter Hatchling, and the Treasure Goblin. Not the team your average player has, but it was my first go, and you can probably find equivalent skill sets.


My first try at beating Taralune was yesterday. I repeated the strat successfully today – will be uploading the video as soon as I put my audio explanations on it.

The first pet has a counterspell on the first move, so I had to abandon my first attempt (My spectral spine got counterspelled), but I was more careful the second time.

I was just thinking though, that two of the new Warlords pets, the Brilliant Spore and the Netherspawn, would be great at battling this team.

Good luck!

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The Mummified Monkey Paw – It exists!!

At first, I didn't realize what I was looking at!

At first, I didn’t realize what I was looking at! ….
But then! But then!! Five max level archaeologists, one at 550 just for this. They all dig all the time. 4 of them for Tol’Vir (well, I trade in) and one of them for Fossil. Two years later, 4 times a week on all of them. Finally!!!
Yes,  it IS the Crawling Claw!
Be right back, gotta dig 137 fragments.