My characters


The ones listed further below as mains are my Alliance characters.  I haven’t touched them in months.  I’m currently working on my Horde characters.  You do get the general gist of it though!


Myinx – Mage on Dragonblight

Toxxique – Hunter on Dragonblight

There are a multitude of charactes milling around my accounts.  I’ll try to list them here with some semblance of organization.

I know it says I have more than one main.  Because I do.  I have 3.  Don’t judge me; I’m a special sort of altaholic.

The Mains

These are the three I actually currently play.  Well, that’s not true.  Snazzie does not get played as much as the two others, because there’s just not enough TIME for that.  She is too cute to put in a different category though, and my guild knows me as Snazzie, so it’s not like I’m going to give her up.  Trixxyne is my main 80. I wish she looked as cute as Snazzie – the female dwarf thing is hard to pull off – but no gnome pallies I’m afraid.  Trixxyne’s armory frequently shows up as ret – although she’s a healer – gotta swap for those dailies! And Shoxxie is my current leveling main.  I love her.  She looks awesome.

The New One

Snazzle front shot

This is Snazzle – the little gnome warrior … I’m planning on getting my little links to my characters much better … so excuse me for not having a signature w/ level etc for her yet 🙂

The First Ones

My very first toon was a mage that got deleted – around 25 or so I think.  Then there was a human priest who made it to 59.  She was embarrassing, so I deleted her too.  The first one I leveled to 60 who is still around is Freiia.  She started life as Freia, but there was a server transfer that screwed that up for me.  She got all the gear to get ready to offtank Molten Core, then I never raided with her. She still exists … she’s hangs around in Stormwind enchanting my stuff.

My first raider was Helvete.  She was a much beloved shadow priest of mine, who raided with a fairly dismal and unsuccessful guild pre-BC.  Much guild drama ensued shortly before the release of Burning Crusade, and I stopped playing her.  You get that.  I did level her to 69 or whatever it is she is now, but it’s not the same any more.  So she’s there.  A relic.  A memory.  Maybe she’ll get resurrected one day.

Vixxyne was my first 80.  Once I got her to 80 though, I decided I really needed to play a mage and leveled Snazzie.  She’s therefore still a highly noobish 80 that I plan on polishing off one day. And her 455 JC is very very handy.

No Wrath Experience

Then there are all these ones with no Wrath of the Lich King exprience.  Myvexxy (she started out in life as Vexxy, but server change issues again), the mage.  Very cool – did lots of fun stuff at 70.  I might play her again.  Felixxity, Orc Warrior.  Stuck at 55.  Not sure about this one.  My rogue, Alyxxie (again name change – should be Lyxx).  Hard to play a rogue well, I think.  She’s 70.  Hexxie – the Lock.  Started life on a PvP server poor thing. I’ll pick her up again when I’ve recovered from the experience.  She’s somewhere in her 40’s now.  She is also now a gnome, whereas she used to be a Blood Elf.

The Death Knight and the Other One

If you’ve scrolled down this far you’ve GOT to be wondering where the Death Knight is.  Well, here she is: Racy.  After power-leveling her mining/blacksmithing I’ve put her on hold.  I like her though.  And the Other Hunter.  Who I like very much, but is unfortunately horde and therefore has no friends.

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