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Hearthstone 3


I may never need to leave my garrison ever again. My pets wander around randomly. It’s so adorable to see them ‘out and about’ and ‘acting naturally’.  Before I upgraded to level 3, I was logging in and out of two Vixxyne and Myinx’s mini-garrisons to check on followers and work orders. But after upgrading yesterday around 5 or so, until I went to bed at 1:30 (and indeed today), I haven’t felt the urge. There is SO much to take care of in just this one. And, eventually, I’ll have to gear up some more. Only passing Bronze proving grounds isn’t going to get me far. I’ll get there – but I’m not in a rush.

Hmmm  - I wonder.

Seriously, this Hearthstone board was worth every gold piece. Can you imagine? You can play Hearthstone in real life vs your friend, talk on Mumble, and have your friend’s character sitting across from you in your Garrison on the other screen while you play??? Helvette looks like her next move is a tough decision.


From the bottom of my fangirl heart, I would like to thank all the World of Warcraft developers for the magical thing that is my Level 3 Garrison. I mean, I thought garrisons were pretty neat before level 3, but I got some things done yesterday after dinging 100 and collapsing, and I am so impressed, and so enamored.

When I upgraded to level 3 and took a deep breath to have a proper look around, I felt so at home and so grateful for this gift. I should mention that this also involves my pet menagerie, but I have so many feels about that I may have to give it special treatment a bit later. Seeing your followers wandering around, talking to each other is awesome. The appearance of characters from my questing? Amazing!   I have always felt ‘at home’ in World of Warcraft and this really just makes it special.



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So. So. So. So. Soooo. Many. Pets.


StormetteI’m not sure exactly when, but at some point after 200 or so pets, you kind of stop counting. The 200 was significant because of the Zen Pet Hunter (200 captured pets) Achievement, the numbers only matter in the Pets I Want column, as opposed to the ‘Pets I Have’ column. There are just so many pets in my spell book I can’t possibly remember them all. But with the release of Warlords of Draenor, the prize of Stormwing. Stormwing, a flying pet with the Lightning Storm ability (if you care about battle abilities), is also one of the most beautiful pets ever designed. The blue is so so so royal and gorgeous. I absolutely love the look of this gorgeous bird.  I am really happy with it anyway. Can’t beat a good blue. Except maybe with a good purple.

But I digress. So, I discovered I had 12 pets to go for So. Many Pets. when the expansion was released. Ten days later:

So - Many - Pets

I’m not sure that’s something most people would think I should be proud of – ha ha! –

A few people helped me along the way. I want to especially thank Jeppy for my surprise gifts of two new Draenor pets that I had not gotten yet! Here I am, chilling with the Jeplord the Netherspawn. I wanted to name my Netherspawn Warlord Jeppy, but I had to compromise.


It’s been quite the Pet focused thing for me the first 10 days of the expansion – more about the Elekk Plushie on another day – but I still feel like I haven’t given them enough love. With all these new pets, I need time to take them out. Look at them. Feed them. Hold them. And love them. Time for some of the old ones to take a back seat for a while!