The return of the son

Home for the summer I’m really not at all sure where this summer is disappearing to.  I have a college kid home for 7 weeks or so.

It’s awesome to have him home; it really is. It is also a little weird. Remember when you went ‘home’ between school years? Home was ‘home’ right, but not quite the same? And you were ‘grown-up’ right? But mom still made dinner. Mom still runs the house. You both feel like and don’t feel like you should report in on what your plans are, what you’re doing?

Well, turns out it works the same on the grown up side. I want to be ‘mom’. But I don’t want to be ‘mom’. Letting go of daily responsibilities and worries has been kind of nice. It’s weird to be expected to welcome those responsibilities and worries back. And the expectation comes from both myself and the kid; it’s not a one way street.

The whole situation has kind of paralyzed me. I haven’t done much except watch TV and talk to the kid and cook dinners (way more dinners than for just the three of us – there’s still another kid at home). And I’m not sure why this has happened.

Obviously our family life has evolved since he went away to school a year ago. And we all kind of like the new dynamic. But in NO WAY EVER would I want to imply that he is not welcome back. I love him. He is welcome anytime. And I don’t want him to feel like family life has evolved to something he doesn’t recognize or doesn’t where he doesn’t feel welcome.

He starts a summer job on Monday. That will be good.

Did I mention how proud I am of the little adult he’s become?

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Meeting the Menagerie

Meeting the Menagerie

Saturday night – time to reflect on the day’s pet acquisitions and relax a little. I leveled a few pets here and there today. Managed to find some elusive rare pets that have been more stubborn than others in Draenor. Worked on some Awfully Big Adventure. You know, crazy pet battle person stuff.

My favorite new discovery of the day is the Golden Dawnfeather. I raved about her on Twitter tonight too (https://www.flickr.com/photos/strumpet101/16829358687/) — I like her so much,  I had to get Helvette to introduce her to the Menagerie. Why oh why oh why can’t you have a menagerie till 100? And if you don’t have a level 3, you are seriously missing out. It’s my favorite thing about the whole place. If you have a stable you’ll sort of know what I mean. Like your mounts, your pets sort of rotate in the garrison – in a pen by the battle area usually, where they appear to be being fed.  But there are also always a few ‘wanderers’ – having a stroll around the place.

So, I took the as-yet-not-named-Dawnfeather to meet them all. Most of the current ‘patrol’ was studiously uninterested. The Kun Lai Runt was in a hurry to get somewhere, and the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti was definitely ignoring us. I think he’s feeling over worked.  But my blue moth was different! Her name is Clarice, by the way. She stayed with us – really close by chirping away to the new bird for a long time. I was up and down the hill trying to get screen shots as the others hurried past – but Clarice seemed to like her.

I have not yet introduced her to any of the cats.

Tranquilly right past