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The Hearthstone is Real.

Yes, I think I am hooked. My son didn’t realize how basic his explanations would have to be (when I first started a few weeks ago) for someone who had NEVER played a TCG (Trading Card Game). I was missing very rudimentary information – like what counts as a ‘spell’.

But I’m learning! Slowly! And I am hooked!

You can follow my adventures in this playlist!



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Introducing Herald582

My son is an awesome gaming coach. He has mentored me in StarCraft 2 and is now helping me with Hearthstone. He has decided to try to host a mentoring/teaching show on Twitch. I was today his test subject.

We had some issues with streaming over the wifi from his room, and some audio level issues, but that does not take away from the amazing job he did. I am sharing it here with you.

The poor kid has to split it in 3 for his own channel, but the increase will come if he persists.


I am at as usual

He can be reached at:

Twitter: @bitsaltnetwork (he interns for the Bitter and Salty Podcast ;))

And I’ll add his YT once I know it’s posted correctly.