The Full Frame Upgrade

The Full Frame Camera


If you’re not ‘into’ photography, the long version of this story will probably not interest you. So I’m starting off with the short version:

It was time to upgrade my camera gear, and after a long and agonizing decision process, I went with the camera body upgrade to the Nikon D610. The picture above is one of the first 10 shots or so,Straight Out of Camera (SOC, SOOC), taken inside, without flash, handheld), and I couldn’t be more excited and happy about my decision!

For those of you actually remotely interested in how I came to this decision, and why now here’s the long story.

Up until now, I’ve been shooting with Nikon DX frames (most recently the Nikon D7100, which for the record is a beautiful camera). My favorite lens for landscape/seascape has been the Nikon 12-24mm Nikkor f 4.0/G DX lens. Recently, after consulting with a few other groups and ‘experts’ I discovered that some of my favorite photos have a purple patch. Literally. You can see the discussion of that here if you are interested.  You may have to be a member of the group to see it, but the photo in question is this one: .

After much detective work, which led to a search in Lightroom for every shot I’d ever taken with the lens at 13 mm, I discovered that it was there on EVERY SINGLE ONE. Dating back years:

Purple patch

I guess I hadn’t shot more than about 200 shots at 13mm, and not that many of them were favorites, so they weren’t edited. I don’t know if this is common for the lens, if it’s just mine, or whatever. But I decided that just wouldn’t do.

It was time to replace my DX wide angle favorite lens. Since I knew that I would eventually want to upgrade to a full-frame camera, it was kind of pointless to look at replacing it with another DX lens. All my other lenses are now FX, and it would just be a waste to replace this one that way. The more I started looking at which wide angle I wanted, the more I realized that on a DX frame camera, the equivalent focal lengths would not be very different from the 24 mm on my current zoom lens on an FX camera. And I started exploring whether it wouldn’t just make more sense to upgrade to FX now and look at a new lens in the future.

Which made the decision easier. Full-frame I went.

I honestly didn’t realize how much of a difference this upgrade would make. But since it arrived on Tuesday, I have been in heaven. Can’t wait to get to Steamboat Springs with it in 14 days.

And don’t tell me I should have gone mirror less. I don’t want to hear it.



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