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Leveling up in processing

I have been re-editing photos after leveling up in Processing my RAW files. I’ve ‘known’ ‘how to’ edit images for years. But I sort of got into a routine after the first rush and plateaued badly. 

I also realized that when you learn a neat ‘trick’ or technique in Photoshop/Lightroom/Instagram/whatever it’s so easy to fall in love and totally use it all over the place and way too enthusiastically. Like all the time. To excess. I am now past my HDR EVERYTHING faze. I am through with ‘cheating’ with luminance reduction – to the extreme. Here is an example of how far I’ve come (although maybe no one but a critic can see the difference).

The first time I called this image ‘done’, I merged three exposures in an HDR processing image I ran EVERYTHING through – Photomatix. Looking at the resulting image now I’m astonished to have been so ridiculously pleased with the result. So I reprocessed a single image today – took my time, applied new ‘tricks’, without forgetting the old, and am once again pleased as punch with my work!!

Cold Reign


I finally feel I’ve started the way up from a plateau of skill level that I have struggled to improve from. Yay for learning! I left the first image in my photo stream on #Flickr – – in case anyone wants to stop by the Strumpet101 stream there to see it. The new one has pride of place in the ‘I’m almost not a noob anymore account’.

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