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The Horde Hearthstone Tax

Gnome at work - Hearthstone

So, I’ve been playing this gnome. And I hope to go into way more detail about WHY  I would do such a thing very soon. Hoping. Because I have a lot to say about it. But, putting aside your incredulity, glee, or rage for the moment, can I direct your attention to the Hearthstone TABLE she is sitting at? Yes, it is a table. And it was just magically THERE at my level 1 Garrison! Helvette was overjoyed when she could PURCHASE, for ONE THOUSAND gold, the board when her Garrison was Level 3. And she has to sit on the cold snowy ground of the Horde Garrison.

I call Horde Tax shenanigans

It would be nice, though, if some of my followers and NPCs would actually PLAY.

Gnome with Naeeemantie at Hearthstone

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