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Rock Lover


THAT, my friends is a Draenei Hunter. She was born in the Burning Crusade. She has been living in Deepholm for the good part of a year (possibly more). When she hit 83, I parked her there to get Exalted with those rock people. Then to get the Rock Lover Achievement.  Rescue Pebble 10 times? How hard can THAT be. Well. It’s a daily that SOMETIMES appears. Kittyne is today level 87. And TODAY she rescued Pebble for the 10th time. Finally.  I tweeted sometime in the fall that I only had one to go … I’d have to check my Twitter stream to be sure exactly when.

But I have him. He goes in the menagerie with everyone else.

Not sure what to do with Kittyne now. Tempted to have a look at the Alliance side of Draenor. As if I need MORE Garrison work!

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  1. You should really try the Alliance side in Draenor. I play primarily Horde, however, I still go back to my roots on the Alliance side so that I can get the full impact of the stories in the game. You’ll be amazed and totally blown away by the differences of the questing and Garrison appearance on the Alliance side – I can see why some people want to just stay in their Garrisons on Alliance – it’s truly awesome and a some beautiful artwork.

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