Hearthstone Coached

Most heated discussion between myself and James this weekend so far concerned Hearthstone.

He has been trying to coach my VERY beginner efforts the past couple of weeks. Actually he is a very good gaming coach and I appreciate his help and his explanations very much.

Yesterday he came down to inspect my ‘self made’ Mage deck. It’s a very very beginner deck, featuring only free cards.

(I don’t even want to THINK about al the micro transactions this game is going to cost me)

So the conversation starts something like this:
‘Don’t use mirror image.’
‘I like it; it lets me play something early that they have to spend moves on.’
‘But it’s too expensive for no damage. It’s a waste.’
‘It costs me no mana and gives me some breathing space.’
‘Yea, but it doesn’t hurt your opponent at all. You should replace it.’
‘No. I like it and I’ve won three games using it.’
‘Ok – fine! I don’t know what I’m talking about.’

He stomps off; I go in after him explaining that i really appreciate his help but I also need to be able to adjust it to my soul and my thinking.

He happily agrees I can leave it in if it makes me more comfortable while I’m learning.

Me to myself three hours later as I go to bed following yet another narrow defeat:
‘Mirror Image is a waste of space; I need a care that actually does some damage.’



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