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And then the Cows Came …

Leading the herd home - Last deck of Nemelex Xobe

If you were one of the very confused people running past me try to shed some light on what you saw. Because if you thought you saw a well-dressed shadow priest being protected by a herd of cows … you were NOT hallucinating.

I bought the Last Deck of Nemelex Xobeh at the Darkmoon Faire last month. It has a limited number of random ‘buffs’ or ‘debuffs’ that you draw from the deck of cards. When all 52 cards are gone … so is the deck. I’ve used it 4 times now. And last night, it summoned these lovely dairy cows to assist me. They were pretty bad ass too.

Not thinking of starting up a dairy farm though.

Helvette the Dairy Queen

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