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Forsaken at Heart

No, this is not how most people know Helvette. And, you’re right, it’s not Helvette. This is the Warlock, who changes names every time I blog about her. Although I really like this one. Especially will suit when she race changes back to Blood El

she is Undead today for a visual experiment to testout something that’s been on my mind since the Thursday night before BlizzCon At least in my conscious mind.

Hexabelle undead

Helvette is a “Vanilla baby”. Born and bred on Dungeon sets, UBRS and a LOT of ZG20. So, obviously, she has not always been a blood Elf. She began life in Brill. Helvete means Hell in Norwegian. I was determined never to be mistaken for a Holy Priest.

I loved her as Undead. I really did. I wasn’t expecting to so. The circumstances of Helvette going on hiatus as Burning Crusade came along were rocky. I needed a big, big cleans. I played a Blood Elf Mage, and a Draenei Hunter through MOST of Burning Crusade. The cleanse was long. But it worked. Helvette came out of retirement. And got a beautiful face lift. No one can deny the FemBElfs are beautiful. Well, crazy people could, I guess (no accusations LOL) I’ve loved her as Blood Elf too, and have gotten used to the extra ‘t’ that came along wiht my move to Earthen Ring some time ago.

Then last Thursday night. Jonathan LeCraft was unfortunate enough to be trapped by me for much of the evening (there may have been vodka involved), and we got to talking about Helvette. I told him about her plastic surgery.

And he said, “But are you still Forsaken at heart?”

My response was instant. “Yes! I prefer the Undercity Skeletal Warhorses. Preferably the purple one – my first ever epic mount. Or Onyxia. You an’t even fly in Silvermoon. And I remember her ‘younger years’ in Brill. In Hillsbrad. And I love Sylvanas. I am a true sucker for heartbreaking stories of strong women. The point being: YES! I still THINK of her as undead, although I love ‘dressing her up’ with transmogs and pretty clothes as a Blood Elf. Such an observant question.

Hexabelle undead with Basil

Then Warlords of Draenor. Then NEW MODELS. I’m so impressed with the new Forsaken models. And, got super curious. So, today, I race changed the poor abused Warlock. I tried to choose the same options Helvtte had as undead. Wow! It was actually a little tricky, since the looks are SO well done. I was so impressed. Hexabellla here looks vibrant, a real person. The textures move, feel tactile. And the facial options felt like someone I could ‘be.’ I was so pleased with the results that I quickly got her a long robe instead of her slightly more Succubus-leaning current attire to get a better feel for whether I could maybe want to go back.

So, the big question then:

Do I return her to her new improved ‘original’ state?


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