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Married Again – Still


Back in June, my husband and I decided that we would really like to renew our vows. My husband said: “Why don’t we do it at BlizzCon – a place that means a lot to you.” I said: “Well, I’d like my best friend, other than you of course, to officiate.”

So I asked Molsan if he would be willing to perform the Vow Renewal Ceremony for us. I was so happy that he said ‘yes’.

While I had told a whole world that the ceremony would be happening, no one except the two of us and Molsan showed up. Well, the kid showed up, but we knew he really wouldn’t want to be there, so we released him.

Molsan was a fantabulous choice. He personalized the vow renewal ‘suggestion ceremony’ that I had sent him in an absolutely perfect way. And the intimacy of just the three of us being there under the palm trees in-between the Hilton and the Convention Center was incredibly emotional and special. My husband said the perfect words. I hope I said the perfect words. And having such a special friend as witness was amazing.

So: still married, still in love, and, now, renewed, refreshed.

Thank you BlizzCon. Thank you Molsan.

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