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All Pets Allowed pre-Warlords special

Widget the Departed

I’ve been meaning to get back to recording for All Pets Allowed for a while now. And finally, it has happened.

iTunes podcast updating is ludicrous. If you listen any other way (Downcast, Stitcher, direct website) please enjoy my interview, well, chat with Jeppy about the pets and changes of patch 6.0.whatever.

This recording was actually started in the middle of a ‘normal’ 2 hour conversation we had on Skype. “Oh – I guess if we’re going to talk pet stuff I should actually hit ‘record’!”  We do not talk often enough – but when we do, this is what it’s like!


NOTE: I may rename All Pets Allowed to All Pets Allowed Plus – so that I can talk about more than just pet stuff – or I might not rename it – just change the tag to “Companion & battle pet talk for collectors, battlers, brawlers, and dabblers in World of Warcraft. And a bunch of other stuff too.”

Because, you know, I talk about a  lot of stuff.

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