World of Warcraft

Cash Flow: Gone!


Now that Guild Levels are gone, so is the perk, Cash Flow, which contributed an additional percentage of coin looted directly to the Guild Bank. In the past, I have used this perk as an argument for keeping Guild funds available for repairs.
Cash Flow - 5 months total

In order to see how valuable it really was, I kept track of how much I contributed to the bank via looting from the end of May using an addon called Waritko’s Cash Flow. It kept a total of all my alts’ looting for me. And here it is: A grand total of 3124 gold, 57 silver and some copper. I think that’s pretty good. But it’s gone now. And with it being gone, unless we start doing way more guild dungeon challenges for that 250 gold, I’d say it’s time to reevaluate the guild repairs option.

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