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Icebergs in Pandaria???

Icebergs spotted in Pandaria


I have to admit, that title is a LITTLE misleading! But there ARE Icebergs in Pandaria – technically.

I’ll tell you where I found it! Yesterday, I took my mage on down to Nat Pagle with a Flying Tiger Gourami – as you do. On a whim, I thought I’d just check I had everything interesting he had to offer for sale. I was pretty sure I did, because Helvette has been Best Buddies with Nat for a long time. But NO! There was an item there I had never seen!!

850 gold, mind you. But so cool!


I thought WoW! They added a new thing – Bipsi’s Bobbing Berg!! Sweet! I bought it, of course.  Now, this morning, I went on down to see Nat about an Iceberg on Helvette. Nope. Not there.

So, I read the tooltip a little more closely … “on a conjured …” a ha!!! Mage only!!

I like it a lot, but I’m not sure where the Icebergs are melting off.

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