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THIS is fun Shadow Priesting!

Helvette the Crazy Cat Lady - Absolution-MoonclothI don’t understand the complaining about the SP changes on the official forums; I am THRILLED with the change in performance —

It’s taking a while to get used to what will work best with the changes, but I have an overwhelmingly positive response so far. So worried it will be taken away from me.

My one criticism after playing all weekend is the Void Tendril talent – basically anything I do will kill the tendrils instantly, they’re pretty much useless.

Also, I had gotten very accustomed to ‘cheating’ with a renew now and then. And relied maybe a little much on an emergency group heal with Halo. But the Dispersion mechanic is actually fun and new and exciting and something to learn.  It’s fun living on the edge!

Helvette jumping

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