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Arthas for Hallows End?


Widget the Departed

When I went to buy my Widget the Departed with my Painstakingly acquired 150 (the first of two sets of 150 if I want the Cursed Birman too), I had a look at Chub’s other wares. Nifty! A 50 use Lich King costume!!  FOR 1000 yes – ONE THOUSAND candy!  Yaikes – not this year!  But read on:
arthas costumeWhen I did some more digging, I found a link to this helpful post from Bashiok:

hotfix arthas

It looks like, as of tomorrow (Monday Oct 20) hotfixes, it will be halved. Nothing’s true till it happens, but it would be a BIT of an improvement!

I really don’t like the ‘around the world’ collection achievements and holiday activities, so I hope to force myself to do the 150 still needed for the Cursed Birman 🙁

Which pet or costume will YOU prioritize?


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