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Staying Klaxxi

If you are reading this to find out more about the Stay Klaxxi achievement specifically, I talk about it right below the pictue.

Keeping myself from heading over to the Beta servers and checking out ‘just the Alliance side’, has been getting trickier the past few weekends.  I feel done with this expansion on so many levels. I have loved it. Loved so many things about it – which you will hear about soon™. But I am so ready now. Ready for NEW STUFF. For a cleanse.

I actually don’t have much interest in the heirloom weapon. Heirlooms are not an entirely positive addition to the game, in my opinion. I have ambivalent feelings about them. I usually do not actually want to race through content. So there went the last smidgen of interest I had in raiding any more in Siege of Orgrimmar.

Therefore, I have been getting inventive.

I have never actually been a real ‘Achievement Hunter’. Not  completely anyway. I have certainly found some of them interesting, but I never sort of went ‘all out’ with them.  That seems  to have changed completely recently! I am officially hunting! A few weeks ago, I realized I was approaching 10000 Achievement points. I decided to make the 10K the goal before Warlords.  If you start browsing your achievement tab, I’m sure many of you will have the same realization that I did: Many of them are almost finished! Woot! I started with some ‘easy’ ones … the /love critter achievements, for example.  I had ONE tiny little spot in Vashjir left to discover before I had finished the entire Explorer achievement! Duh. I threw expired brew at brawler enthusiasts. That sort of thing.  Then, I decided since I spend a freakish amount of time digging archeology digs in the Dread Wastes, I would look for something there! Enter Stay Klaxxi.

Staying Klaxxi -

The Stay Klaxxi achievement doesn’t sound insurmountable. Five Klaxxi dailies with each of the buffs from the Paragons. And you can have two buffs on at a time. And quests like the Daily for Now I Am the Master (Multitasking!) count. Well, the theory is all very good.

If, like me, however, you choose to complete this achievement on a character that didn’t follow the Klaxxi chain step by step, you could find some, shall we say, frustrating, moments. I barely touched the Dread Wastes with my first 90, Tallulabelle. As soon as I found out that the Blacksmithing plans were Klaxxi rep, I decided that would be my warrior and blacksmith, Vixxyne’s job. She followed it religiously. By the time Helvette arrived there, I was obsessed with pet battles, not wakening Paragons.

I had a few paragons wakened, and started with those buffs. I think the ones I had were sort of haphazardly acquired breadcrumbs as I flew around pet battling and digging. So I didn’t exactly wake them all ‘in order’. A few days ago, I was stuck missing two Paragons. WHERE WERE Kaz’tik the Manipulator and Rik’kal the Dissector?????? Argh! My research told me I needed to find some amber near the Saurok Oracle in the Briny Muck. I couldn’t click that thing. And flying around aimlessly looking for quest exclamation marks can be incredibly frustrating.  A few days earlier I had realized that I needed to complete all the quests at the Sunset Brewgarden. Yes, all. And THEN the Rikkitun village ones. So that took longer than expected.  But it was not as frustrating as the search for Kaz’tik. I finally found him. Details are vague. He had an exclamation mark over him. I maintain it arrived suddenly, but that’s probably not true.

ONE TO GO. I could not find the Dissector for three days. I finally realized I should not consider other peoples’ directions ‘too vague, badly written, and for people doing it in order’ – I would never say that, honest! – I found a comment on WoWHead that had magic COORDINATES! And I found him. An exclamation mark in the very southwest corner of the Dread Wastes map! Woot! Become the Master of my student, kill some Saurok, collect some sap …


I’ve quickly gone way past my 10K Achievement point goal. My next aim is the 30 exalted reputations one. I’m missing one. Can’t decide which to go for: Cenarion Expedition or Kalu’ak. Probably cenarion.

Stay Klaxxi, and thank you for stopping by.

(Because everyone knows the best podcasters finish their show that way.)


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