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Hearth Heroes

Yes, tomorrow is patch day. The long-awaited, dramatic changes patch day. And they are dramatic. And they are exciting. However, I have OTHER plans too! Overly ambitious probably. I am planning to spend at least a few hours or more in both Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Because BlizzCon is coming!

Last year, at my first BlizzCon, I fell in love with StarCraft. Watching this amazing ESports game live was so exciting! I had no idea what was going on most of the time, but I loved it! And I played a lot of StarCraft as a result. This year, I will have a MUCH better idea of what is going on at the World Championship Series Global Finals. But the StarCraft II tournament is not the only ESports event at BlizzCon. There are also Heroes of the Storm (currently in Alpha) and Hearthstone tournaments happening. Both of these games I have spent a grand total of 45 minutes in. Combined.  I want to be able to spectate more intelligently this year. So, I will ‘research’ and ‘study’ arduously to this end.




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