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Myinx Decides to Hang Up the Pink Dress


This week seems to have a general Transmog revamp theme.  I get obsessed with finding the perfect outfit for ONE of my characters and end up looking around for everyone. Helvette and Myinx have both been wearing the same outfit for most of Mists of Pandaria.  Helvette completed the Mooncloth outfit shortly before Christmas 2012, with significant help from a friend who actually transferred a character with the glove(?) shoulder (?) tailoring pattern to my server to help.∗ And Myinx got the ‘Pink Dress’ around the same time, or so it seems to me.  Helvette had been trying to get the Vestments of the Shifting Sands to drop for many years. In a show of typical Mage luck, Myinx picked them up instead.  I was so excited, I hadn’t dreamt of taking them off till this week!

But, a couple of posts ago, you saw how I’ve been working on Helvette’s outfit. While running level 70 raids to get the Absolution pieces – and, let’s face it, to even SEE The Battle for Mount Hyjal – a couple of Soulguard Tailoring Patterns was available at Friendly from the vendor.  The Soulguard Girdle is a particularly pretty belt, I thought.**

And, when I think pretty, I start Ctrl-Right clicking everything in my inventory (cause i keep a lot of … potentially useful stuff) to see what it goes with. I had to open my tailoring book to find the perfect fit: The Imbued Netherweave Robe! So simple, yet so fine.  Of course, Helvette can’t wear it, but Myinx can!! So, here she is … in a new frock!




If you’re interested in this complete look, Myinx’s shoulders are transmogrified to the Archmage Mantle (green drop lvl 70 raids). And the Frostwoven Gloves – lvl 360 Tailoring.



*Note: I have a softspot for the original Mooncloth set. It was the first ‘end game’ Rare set that I actually could craft much of myself. I have always loved making my own stuff – and this one was exciting and first! I even had to visit Moonwells in Night Elf land (I was undead at the time!). It’s also a simple and elegant design – something I wish was a trait more armor sets shared.

** Note: The bracers are also beautiful, but rarely spotted.

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