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A Pre Warlords Cleanse

So, you may be one of the people who noticed, or didn’t even notice ;)) That I dropped just about everyone on my Battle Net friends list today. Yup. There are a select few left, but not many!

I have let WAY too many people get ‘in’ my game, and the best thing to do was just to clean house.  I am probably not adding back very many people either. The fact is, I am picky about who I play with. Yes, a WoW snob. And I hate letting people down. So I just got rid of almost everyone. Feel free to message me on Helvette, or on Twitter, but I really don’t need everyone to know exactly who I’m playing and when. And sometimes, I want to be left alone to, I don’t know, hunt for that stupid rare Devouring Maggot.

So, it’s not meant to be a friendship breaker. It’s not meant to be an insult. It’s just me, trying to keep my game space manageable.


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