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Transmog Tweaking

Anyone who has stumbled onto Helvette’s armory page this past week or so would have seen something unusual – a helm being shown!!!

Helvette Absolution Hood


This is highly unusual, and I’m aware that the hood doesn’t QUITE go with my awesome Mooncloth outfit. But I’m considering something, and I really love the Hood.  It is the Hood of Absolution which dropped off Archimonde  (well the token for it did), when I decided to solo the Battle for Hyjal, which I had never seen. Fun fight, but took forever to get through, and I really didn’t have NEARLY enough room in my bags.

I hadn’t taken a good look at the Absolution Regalia before. It’s actually really nice – one of the nicer priest sets, if you ask me.

Absolution Tier 6 actual

Tier 6 raid set for those of you who were clueless, like me. I did next to no raiding in Burning Crusade. It’s a feeble excuse but the only one I have.

Now, I am VERY attached to my Vanilla Mooncloth set for a number of reasons. The only things I ever change around on it are the belt and the weapon transmog. I change the belt a lot because I can never decide which one is the actual best one for it.  Now, I’m considering adding some pieces from this Absolution set to spiff it up a little. I’m thinking about belt and shoulders (in addition to the hood), although I haven’t quite decided. Time to go visit the Black Temple sometime this weekend to see?

I do know I will be pleased when I can replace my Legendary Cloak. It’s beautiful, and I have loved it for over a year, but the green is difficult to work with.

Anyway, these are the fashion problems that keep me up at night.

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