Awesome – with some “huh”?

One of Tomb Raider's NOT so good things


Having spent most of my weekend and much of last playing Lara Croft Tomb Raider (and still not completely finished), I can honestly say it is AWESOME. Really engaging, great story, fast paced with opportunity to slow down if you want to. I like the mechanics. It’s fun. It’s fun playing a girl too, although I might have more to say about Lara when I finish.

This dude, though, is inexplicable to me.  I think he’s supposed to be a New Zealand Maori – judging by his t-shirt and facial features, but he sure doesn’t sound like he’s from any part of New Zealand I know (to paraphrase Gosford Park). Not Maori or Pakeha. And is the Bucks name supposed to be funny? I find him badly thought out and not realized as either a caricature nor the real thing. Couldn’t they have gotten a real Kiwi to voice the part. And maybe put a real jersey on him (not real team, but at least a jersey)?

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