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Quality of Life Improvements

This week, I have made two changes to try to improve my personal quality of life.

1) I am consciously limiting my Twitter presence during the course of the day.  I haven’t set any specific rules on this, other than forcing myself to not read EVERY tweet since I was last on (inevitably, this would take close to an hour every morning – sheesh!). Instead I have made a list of 10 people whose Tweets I do not wish to miss, and I check that instead. Also, no checking Twitter while watching a TV program, and never at lunch.  This has led to a HUGE reduction of time wasted.

2) I must read for at LEAST 35 uninterrupted minutes a day. I used to read CONTINUALLY. ALL THE TIME. At some point, I lost this. I still read while on vacation, but have a really hard time choosing to read a book or a newspaper/magazine article while at home. So, every day this week, I have set the timer, moved FAR AWAY from my phone or tablet, and read on my Kindle (no social media access on the Kindle). So nice. So so so so nice.

I have other changes I want to make, but, in my experience, making too many drastic changes at once inevitably leads to failure. So these two only for another week at least.

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