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The Child Leaves Home – Chapter 2

Last week was great – the child I have sent out into the world sent me a few lengthy texts, all properly punctuated. He is actually famous for his lengthy and grammatically correct text messages. They sounded like someone happy, excited to be learning, and a little homesick but not too much. I was thrilled with the communication, as well as the test format (free IMessage FTW). It was good.

I didn’t hear from him on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I resisted the urge to send some text with a pretext (do you need your black shoes f. ex) and decided to let him have his space. I texted him this morning though to see how he was after the weekend. Turns out he has the typical Freshman bug – all those new bugs blending together nicely in the campus petri dish and he had actually been quite miserable. Add to this a roomate in their 3 bed room who had been ‘entertaining’ till 4 AM and things weren’t quite as rose colored.

Maternal instinct wanted to hug him and make sure he was taking steps to get better ASAP. It was NOT NICE not to be able to help. He had already made an appointment at the wellness clinic and promised he was not dying, so I have to let it go.

It’s not like I’m going to fly to New York to make sure he drinks enough fluids. Hurdle crossed.

A perhaps not TOTALLY unexpected result at home is that I am seeing more of the 16 year old. I really enjoy gaming with him, and we get along quite well as long as we don’t talk about school or life plans. Trust me, I don’t ignore those issues either – I know I’m his parent, not his friend. But I am really enjoying his company at the moment.

There you go.

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