TV Mini-Series

I’ve spent a lot of time in front of the television in the recuperation chair after my breast reduction last week. It gave me time to catch up on some TV series I was behind on and to discover some movies and mini-series I didn’t even know I was behind on.

Two of those mini-series starred David Tennant who I do NOT normally watch on Doctor Who. I watched both The Escape Artist and The Politician’s Husband. In The Escape Artist he uses his ‘own’ beautiful Scottish accent and stars as a criminal defense barrister: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2649522/?ref_=ttmd_md_nm

In The Politician’s Husband he stars opposite Emily Watson as a UK cabinet minister forced to resign. His wife is also a politician. The mini-series is sort of about the power struggle in their home and the about their marriage as ‘equals’. Tennant’s character has a ridiculous blonde hairdo and he is very much English.

I enjoyed both the mini-series, but would have to say that The Escape Artist was by far the best one. Loved it. The Politician’s Husband was ‘something to watch’ that was not horrible; but I really disliked Tennant’s character as a person. I’d say that colored my view of it quite a bit. I’m not even sure you were supposed to like him really.

Take a look at The Escape Artist though. Really really good.

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