Now and Then Meme

Age I was given: 34


  • Where I lived: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  • What I drove: A silver RAV4 – Mom car. Camping car. Family car.
  • What I did: Was writing an honors thesis on Chaucer (specifically textually related to his scribe and attribution of certain lines of text in the Wife of Bath’s Tale. Ground breaking.) for my Honor’s Degree in English Lit at University of Adelaide in prep for starting the Law program there.
    Also, Mom stuff. School drop off. School pick up. School sports. Crap I hate.

Age I am now: 43 – getting close to 44

  • Where I live: Littleton (Denver) Colorado
  • What I drive: BMW i335 Xdrive coupe. Not a mom car. Not a family car. Mine all mine
  • What I do: Artsy stuff: Photography (mostly landscape and pets), painting – just started, writing, creating and gaming. And still mom stuff.

Comment if you’d like me to give you an age.

Note; normally I don’t do the meme stuff, but what the hell, why not?

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