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Sunday Morning Winning!

Group picture after a successful run!
Group picture after a successful run!


On our Sunday morning Achievement run today, we were doing some catchup. Our first go at the Heroic Scarlet Monastery achievements remainder incomplete after Molsan and I couldn’t quite get the And Stay Dead! achievement on our first run through. Krazerok (healer) came along this morning for our second go. As luck would have it, he needed all the achievements in there that we had already gotten, so we had a good time burning target dummies and such.

And Stay Dead! involves allowing Whitmaine to cast her Mass Resurrection spell and summon zillions of adds and still killing her and Durand (for a second time). Molsan tanked, I held back so she had time to cast it, then let loose with Halo and Mind Sear and a bunch of Pain. Nice to have heals, that’s for sure! But look at us! We did it!

I only have 9 individual achievements left now for the Meta achievement. Hopefully I have time to finish before Warlords comes out! (Or hopefully not?)

Oh – spot the tentative Salty!


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