Pet Battles, World of Warcraft

It’s mine!!


First rabbit kill - 8 man kill - mine all mine!
First rabbit kill – 8 man kill – mine all mine!

Short story version: I am lucky lucky lucky! Today is a good day!

Long version: I was riding around doing the fishing quest on Darkmoon Island on my monk. There! The rabbit! All by it’s lonesome! NOT DEAD! I have seen it ONE TIME before , but that time it was dead. I quickly logged out and logged in Helvette, heart in my mouth. Of course NO ONE is on in guild, only husband. I force Mr. Strumpet to join my raid. I spam general chat. We have SIX people. We wipe. We miraculously get two more and NO ALLIANCE in sight. We have Mr. strumpet’s awesome turtle tank pet. We have a healer. We DOWN the rabbit!

I tell everyone roll ‘need’. My heart stops. The screen flashes something purple at me!

ZOMG! Wow! I know what I’m doing today! #levelto25

Hope you’re having an awesome Sunday!

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