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A while back I told you in my World of Warcraft series on YouTube that I had mailed a nearly complete set of Jade Plate from my banker to my Paladin – except not to my Paladin, to Ta. Ta was someone inactive. Brilliant. Thirty day wait. Do you know how long it took me to FARM that stuff??? Not to mention BUY …

So, I farmed boots, gloves, chestpiece, belt, and bracers. Oh and I farmed it all myself by the way. Den whompers, Un’Goro, you name it, I farmed it. For a LONG time.

Thanks to a wonderful GM, and a support ticket, I got my stuff back.

Now, you’ll notice it’s not a typical Jade Plate transmog set. First of all, the shoulders. I don’t like the shoulders for the set that I have. They are very big and bulky. Tallulabelle’s hair gets all caught up in them. And the legplates. Unfortunately, they have the bare butt look, which I am NOT a fan of. So, I shopped around a little. These are the Legplates of Valor. I quite like them, although on close inspection the color is not right.  The shield is something I picked up in BRD. And the mace is the War Mace of Unrequited Love, which she got back when she was a Dwarf in Wrath, healing then too.

I quite like it … but it needs a little polishing. It’s good enough for heals for now.  And, as you can see, her butt is covered!

No Jade Leg Plates here

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