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Tamed Savage

A Savage Tamed

Savage at the Temple of the White Tiger

Short version: I tamed Savage!!! Finally! And he is absolutely gorgeous!

Long version: There was a lot of really really awesome stuff that happened to me over the weekend in my World of Warcraft. I will probably end up writing or  talking about all of it at some stage, but I wanted to start this week with the last thing that happened before I powered down last night.

Most of you know that I am a crazy cat lady in real life. At home we have three cats, and they get to do pretty much whatever they want.  My favorite hunter pets have always been cats. My first hunter was a Draenei in Burning Crusade, and she spent pretty much a whole day or two clicking on cat statues in Ashenvale to get her cat Toodles. My Blood Elf hunter  (formerly Toxxique, now Kittyne my preferred hunter name),  was born in Wrath, and never got a cat she loved. She’s been running with a pretty cool spider. Spiders are nifty and all. But they are not cats.

I started toying with the idea of playing her seriously and not just for jewelcrafting a few months ago (maybe more? Time flies), and decided that if I was going to enjoy playing her, I would be focusing on the pet thing. I would track them, hunt them, etc. And pew pew pew of course.  So research was done, and I narrowed my list of Most Wanted Cats down. That was actually the first time I heard about the rare trackable hunter pets in Pandaria. If you don’t play a hunter, you can’t see their tracks, so you don’t really notice, I guess. I had seen the porcupine spirit beasts (you’re next Huita!), but not these. And that’s when I started hunting Savage.

Savage has a path he patrols in the Jade Forest. A big cat like that needs a lot of jungle territory.  For MONTHS I did not even SEE his tracks. Was starting to wonder if I was just not seeing the right thing. Then I saw the basilisk’s ‘worn tracks’ in Townlong Steppes, a few times — no, I didn’t tame that one either, I have yet to actually track him down. So, I went back to the Jade Forest a few times hoping to spot the ‘Bloody Tracks’ now that I knew what I was looking for. On my hunt, I saw Huita standing there again.  I was JUST debating attempting a Spirit Beast tame again (last time was not pretty), when Savage prowled right past me! Or he must have, because there were his tracks!!!  I went the wrong way to start.

When the tracks get worn they are harder to see … and I started panicking.  Thinking I had lost him, I returned to the area just above the Arboretum where the Cloud Serpent dailies are. Up on the hill overlooking the Arboretum is supposed to be on his route – according to many hunters who have spent more time than me making things easier for everyone else. The terrain is a little bit more open up there – not as much of a canopy. I thought if he was heading that way he wouldn’t have reached there yet. If he wasn’t headed that way, I would have to try again another day. And then!! Tracks!! My second flare spotted him, and I couldn’t find my hunter’s mark! ZOMG! Panic again! Put Hunter’s Mark on the bar, throw up a couple of more flares, spot him – you beauty!

The tame itself was super easy. One shot of Tame Beast. And he is mine. He prowls, so sometimes he’s hard to see, and I love him. I left Prowl off for some screen shots. And I took him to the Temple of the White Tiger, because, you know, it’s probably his. Man, he looks good. Next time I have some time to play Hunter, we shall test him on the Timeless Isle.

Here’s a shot of where I tamed him:

Savage Tame Spot

And here’s an awesome shot of him stealthed against he night sky. (I stayed up way too late getting good screen shots.)

Savage Prowl

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  1. Congratz on the tracking and a good tame. As for the spirit beasts – the lovely porcupines, hehe, it hasn’t been pretty for any of my hunters prowling around Pandaria.

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