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Polyformic Sunday

Mad Professor Helvette and shampooDid I mention that a TON of cool stuff happened in World of Warcraft this weekend?

Something that I think is awesome just about every week is Sunday morning Guild Achievement Runs. I say guild, but to start, it was only myself and Molsan who could make it out of bed that early on a Sunday. Lately, Pancake has been joining us too, and I hope he’s having fun and is a regular.

Currently, we are working on the Glory of the Pandaria Hero Achievement. On the schedule this Sunday was the Polyformic Acid Science Achievement. It involves drinking some Polyformic Acid Potion, which you can get off Professor Slate in normal or heroic Scholomance, and then killing bosses is Heroic Dungeons around Pandaria. The effects last an hour, and you can actually bottle up some to reapply.

The hardest part was getting all the bosses done before someone’s children became too demanding wanting breakfast! We three manned all the required bosses – except the one where I was too slow and got locked out – and generally rocked it.

Unfortunately, my screenshot photography button wasn’t fast enough to get a decent group shot of us in the final dungeon (Stormstout Brewery) before everyone started leaving. Hey! It’s VERY early on a Sunday – you do better! But I got this one. Guess who’s who?

Polyformic Acid Science Anyway, I had a TON of fun – looking forward to next Sunday! If you are up that early (6 AM Pacific) on a Sunday, give me a whisper on Earthen Ring (US). For the Horde! Oh yea – and that will be on Helvette.

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