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Decisions, Decisions

So – what to do while I wait???

Waiting for Cataclysm – it seems to be a common problem these days 🙂

The biggest problem, of course, is what do you do while you wait?

I’m determined to get some serious playtime in this weekend, but I’m a little stuck considering what to do.  The three most appealing options seem to be:

1) Level Helvete the undead priest to 80.  As healer?  I think so.

2) Level the pally tank, who is in her mid-40’s.

3) Level the gnome warlock.

Hmmmmm ….

2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. i’m totally biased here
    level a lock…but make sure its green
    if your toons eyeline is below most belly buttons your rolled wrong

    gnomes are for cannon ammo
    dwarfs are for punting

    green skin ftw!

  2. I’m partial to priests myself. I heart them. Working on my second one AND i have third that I’m messing around with.
    Plus, undead has pretty cool lore.
    But pallys are pretty uber. It’s next on my list but I’m SLOW to getting around to things.
    I would love to level a lock just for pvp.
    Come to think of it, I would level a pally just for pvp too.
    Dangit, now you got me doing it…
    Hm, I say go priest.

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