Tanking and General Abuse

So, I know that tanks in general should love being pounded on.  But generally we like to be pounded on by monsters and other baddies.  Not our group members.   This weekend, I have done a fair amount of tanking on my baby Pally, Vixxyne.  She’s gone from 25 or so to 33 since Friday.  She’s Protection spec’ed.  She uses a shield.  She remembers to buff.  She has righteous fury on.  And, she goes at what I consider a fairly reasonable, steady pace.

In EVERY single PUG she has been in, someone has bitched and moaned.  “Please don’t go so quickly, I run out of mana.”  –  “Dude, you’re going way too slow.”  “Pull everything.”  –  “Skip all these.”  Invariably, the last two are in Graveyard.

Invariably, it is a mage who thinks you are going too slowly, so they decide to pull more mobs.  With Consecrate and Righteous Fury, they know I’m going to pick up the aggro whether I want to or not.  I would prefer to let them die, but I can’t UNconsecrate.  If the healer thinks you are going to quickly, they leave the group, telling you to heal yourself. Which I can.  But not if the impatient assholes decide to pull giant groups and assume that I a) have mana to deal with those mobs, or b) am not busy sneezing, dying from coughing, or poisoned by a spider that turned me into stone form.

Now, I have absolutely no trouble getting a group as a tank.  If I select random dungeon, I am shocked and stunned if I have to wait more than 30 seconds before I’m in.  So I don’t HAVE to stay with jerks.  I usually do, because there will just be more jerks in the next group.

But seriously, people, tanks are a shortage right?  If you get in a group with one that’s not wearing a robe, and can hold a shield, surely you should be happy?  Instead, tanks get abuse.  Abuse from their own group members.  Even when they are doing things correctly, someone is not pleased.

Is it any WONDER people have trouble finding a tank?  Who the Hell wants to be abused all day?  By their party members, that is.

3 thoughts on “Tanking and General Abuse

  1. I understand how you feel. Tank Abuse its not fun. Im currently leveling up a pally as well and queing up for randoms im starting to hate. Ive never had that much problems with mages. Hunters or huntard as I love to call them do it all the time. I try to keep at a steady pace while also keeping my eye on the healers mana pool. While im waiting for the heals to mana up the hunters over there pooling something and yelling get him off me! Unlike others I just sit beside the heals and watch.

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