Paladin tank

Paladin tank

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Yes, I have a new toon. As you can see, she must be related to all my other horde characters. Lots of sisters in this family of blood elves I think.

Have decided to give tanking a go. Myinx, the mage, is nearing the Epic achievement, but running randoms all day casting Blizzard needs a change once in a while.

So, I’m leveling Protection. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to change to Protection till level 30 or so, but when have I ever done what you ‘should’ do? I really prefer learning a talent tree from the beginning. I feel like I learn the play-style of the class and tree better that way.

Besides, with that Crusader enchant on my weapon, I do the most dps in the group anyway!

So, meet the new Paladin Tank … in QUITE the getup — I swear every piece of armor she has at level 18 is a different color!

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