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Hit! Hit! Hit! – Enough Already!

Not everyone plays this game to raid.  I know, I know … radical statement.

But true.

And I am so sick and tired of every single guide that I read INSISTS that you must get hit-capped above else.  And for a mage, being hit-capped means reaching an astonishing 17% hit … even with talents that help along the way, this is a ridiculous amount of hit from gear and gems.  Just ridiculous.  Especially if you are not intending on raiding … for heroics you need so much less!  No one seems to write blog posts for how to be uber in just heroics … so you get the mistaken impression that you have to get five zillion hit points just to do well in those 5 mans.

In fact, for Heroic five mans, the hit cap for the heroic bosses is 6%.  Which means you hardly have to get ANY hit points from gear or gems if you choose talent points wisely.

Wow!! That means you can free up those yucky hit-gem spaces with lovely juicy spell power and crit gems (or haste if you’re arcane) … and you can blast away at those mobs to your heart’s content. You’ll zip up those dps meters because of the extra damage you’re now doing … not wasting it on hit points that you didn’t need anyway.

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