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The Horde Saga Continues

I finally got my first Horde to level 80.  Toxxique the Hunter dinged a few weekends ago.  Here she is with her puppy Vishus:

do that stuff for a weekend or two, and then I end up getting bored and needing to level.  I got Celyxtra, the holy priest to 42.  Not sure why she’s resting, but she is.  Then I tried the rogue thing.  I actually really like Roxzy, and was having a lot of fun on her.  She’s collecting pets and I got her a whole bucket load.  Then at 32 (or maybe it’s 33), she started riding from Tarren Mill to Hammerfall.  I crossed over into the Arathi Highlands and stopped.  Logged her out right there — the thought of riding to Hammerfall and doing all the quests there AGAIN made me do it.  Maybe I’ll pick her up again, I’m not sure.

For now, I’m doing dailies during the week on Toxxique, and trying to get her more polished.  Maybe I’ll run heroics on her on the weekend, but volleying your way through groups is really boring.  And I can only stand about 3 or 4 groups in a day really.  So we’ll see 🙂  It is totally AWESOME that she is a JC though – just by doing my JC quest every day and flying around grabbing a few nodes, she makes tons of money.  Especially because of the mage.

Because Myinx the mage is the Alchemist (who can transmute lots of shinies).  She went from 75 to 76 last weekend, and I’m really enjoying her.  Maybe I’ll level HER and SHE will be the one I actually “finish”.  Ha ha! We’ll see — I do really like her though and will stick with her till 80 at least.  Considering that apart from Helvete, she’s my ‘oldest’ toon I figure she deserves it.

We’ll see though.  I don’t think I’ll have TOO much time to play this weekend coming up.  We’re supposed to enjoy the ‘Great Outdoors’ at some point – and we’ve promised the kids a trip to the movies.

Myinx is beautiful though – and pretty vicious.  Her alchemy is already 435 or so, because I have actually been leveling her Alchemy to make stuff for Toxxique even though she hasn’t been questing.

So, that’s where I stand at the moment.  This has been a bit of ramble of a post – I’m fed up with trying to write something meaningful or helpful or insightful every time I write a WoW blog post.  There are plenty of people who write how-to’s, what-ifs, and theorycrafting much better than me — Well, if not better then definitely more frequently than me.  I just need to ramble about my characters once in a while – hope you don’t mind!

Maybe next time I’ll have something insightful to say about the mage class or leveling or 5 mans or the state of the world!

See you then!

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