Celestial Steed

Celestial Steed

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You can say whatever you want about Blizzard ruining the game by offering in-game things for purchase with RL money — personally, I think that’s a lot of QQ … as long as they don’t offer items that actually get you any kind of advantage in-game, I really don’t care.

And I, along with many of the people who QQ the loudest, seem to be quite willing to hand over my cash to them. As a matter of fact, I’m considering direct-deposit’ing my paycheck with Apple and Blizzard just to make things easier.

My favorite part about Blizzard’s latest offering, the Celestial Steed? Because it requires riding skill 75 (!!), I will never ever have to ride a turkey on my Blood Elves ever again. Thank God.

And it is very pretty.

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