I killed the Westfall Chicken!

I got my first issue of the World of Warcraft magazine, I decided I had to go and get myself the Westfall Chicken.  The magazine does a great job of explaining how to get it, and I won’t go into too much detail on how you do it.  Suffice it to say that you walk around clucking like a chicken a whole lot.  When a chicken finally looks at you like you’re insane instead of ignoring you completely, you /cheer at it and give it some special feed that you’ve bought.

You do NOT, like Celyxtra here did, right click on the silly little chicken.  What does right-click do children?  It attacks.  So, I whacked the little chicken to death.  Chicken killer , that’s me.  Not what you’d expect from a holy priest really.

I am, here, however, happy to report that this is not the end of the world.  I do, as you can see, have a Westfall Chicken companion.  How did I manage this amazing feat?  Well, the chicken respawned! And amazingly, this new chicken remembered that I had clucked at it like an idiot for half an hour and allowed me to give it some special feed.  /Cheer indeed!!

Oh, who is Celyxtra? Um, well, it, um appears, ehem that I have another alt.

One thought on “I killed the Westfall Chicken!

  1. You do right-click on the chicken, you just wait for it to change from a neutral critter to a friendly npc before you do it. 😉

    Grats on the chicken, and double-grats on another new toon!

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