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The Horde in me wants out

Last weekend, after a particularly frustrating time spent flying back and forth from one end of the continent to the next, I needed a change.

Being a confessed altaholic,  I decided to make my 4th mage — well, 5th actually if you count my first ever toon who made it to level 25 or so.  What can I say, I like mages 🙂  And I like leveling.  So Zexxie was born.  I made her on Malfurion, since that’s where all my other Horde reside.  I didn’t relish the thought of another alliance toon; it is time to revisit the horde quests while they’re still around.

This does mean that she’s leveling au natural.  No heirlooms, since none of my horde have managed to amass any emblems or anything like that.  But that’s ok; it still seems to go incredibly quickly.  Just this morning before work she reached 16 … so I expect great things from the Dungeon Finder come this evening!

I’ve sworn to try leveling frost, since it’s something I’ve never managed to do before.  When looking down the talent tree I can already tell this is going to be tricky.  We’ll see how long the pyromaniac in me can stay at bay.

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