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Dungeon Finder is missing ONE little thing…

I tried out the new Dungeon Finder quite a bit this past weekend.  Had lots of fun, particularly with Shoxxie in the new 5-man Ice Crown Citadel dungeons.  I also tanked regular Utgarde Keep and regular Nexus on Snazzle.  Both were incredibly easy to get groups for – and as usual seemed MUCH more difficult than the heroic versions.  I don’t know what it is about the regular dungeons in the lower 70’s, but PUG’s seem to have an incredibly difficult time with them.  Took us 4 times to get Keristrazsa down.  Anyway, that wasn’t really what I wanted to gripe about.

Before getting in the queue for Nexus, I dutifully finished all the prerequisite quests so that I could get all the quests completed on the first go (since I knew it probably wasn’t going to be smooth, and I probably wouldn’t want to do it again :))  Then, I headed to Howling Fjord to start working on my trinket quest chains there.  Got in Dungeon Finder, and since I am a tank, got a group instantly.

Now, I absolutely love, love, love getting teleported to the dungeon and NORMALLY I love, love, love getting taken back to where I joined from at the end.  But it would be nice to have the option to just run out of the dungeon.  Because think about it: I had four quests to hand in back at the Transitus Shield.  And I got teleported back to a cliffside in the Howling Fjord — on the other side of the continent.  Took me forever and ever to get back to the Transitus Shield to hand in my quests.

By that time, I was too over the whole traversing the continent experience to head back to Howling Fjord again – got disgusted with the whole thing and made a mage 🙂  But that’s a different story!

So my request: give the option of either running out of the dungeon or getting taken back to your starting spot.  Please?

3 thoughts on “Dungeon Finder is missing ONE little thing…

  1. I’m right there with you on having a desire for this to happen, but it’s also a handle tool that people would abuse. “Man, I really want to go farm some herbs in Silverpine. Oh yeah! *queue for sfk* Sorry guys I’m not here to run, just wanted a free port. Later! /leaveparty”

    Heck, even I would abuse it. Of course, I would most likely run the dungeon first, but I’d use it for some free travel.

    There is one way to sort of do what you’re asking though, and that’s to get yourself killed, release, leave the party, and then run back to the instance in ghost form. You will then be able to leave from the entrance.

    I did it last night on my gnome mage after a run through RFC. The paladin that was with us ran around after we killed the instance boss to agro everything near us, bubbled, and then laughed as we all died. I left the group in annoyance and ran back to get my body and teleport out. Instead it set me outside of the instance staring a Neru Fireblade on my level 14 Mage. /hearthstone

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