Is that Snazzie?!?

What on earth as happened to Snazzie?  She looks suspiciously like a Death Knight!

You’d be right in thinking that she looks like a Death Knight — this is Snazzie’s other life on a different server!  I’ve been wanting to join Alachia’s photowalks every Saturday morning for a long time.  Wrong server for me though, so it required making a DK.  I have mostly wanted to come along to get to know my twitter/flickr friend better, so a photowalk seemed like a good idea.  At 1 AM last night, with lots of wine onboard I leveled Snazzie the DK, and she was in the Burning Steppes promptly at 11am this morning!

Then, disappointment — about a 1/4 of the way (if that) around the Burning Steppes – I hadn’t even warmed up on vent – child emergency struck.  Two kids needed to go in two different directions, so I was forced to be mummy.  One day I swear I will actually complete the walk!

Thanks for having me along for the half hour it lasted guys!  Here’s my favorite shot from today … I’ll put them all on flickr later!

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