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What HAVE I been up to???

I realize I haven’t written anything earth-shatteringly exciting here for a while.  Mostly because life’s been handing me an overly full plate lately.  Work has been ridiculously busy since the beginning of November (hmph), Christmas preparations are underway, and we have contractors in the house finishing our basement.  All this has meant that I have NOT been playing as much as I’d like.  This is probably why my office is looking increasingly like an advertisment for World of Warcraft, since I need to stay in touch SOMEHOW.  I plan to change the situation this weekend, with some serious PLAY.

I have been getting my fix every morning by doing a little bit of herb farming.  I’m trying to get a Nobles Deck together for Snazzle.  She’s now just about 68, and will head off to Northrend as soon as I’m home from work on Friday night.  Trixxyne has been flying around for about 45 minutes everymorning, and managed to get together a few cards.  I’m hoping by the time Snazzle is 80, she’ll have the set.  I don’t know why getting this deck is such an obsession for me.  Probably because I feel like I need to put Trixxyne‘s Inscription skill to good use.

Anyway, I’m chomping at the bit!  Let me at ’em!!!

One thought on “What HAVE I been up to???

  1. I know you’ve got that itch to play! I hear you on that, been about 6 days since I’e gotten a chance to even log in, and it’s killing me. We’ve been working on building a site for gamers to be able to publically put noobs in their place, and now we’re starting to blog about it! Hopefully soon you’ll be able to take some of your frustrations out on our site, and get a bit of satisfaction out of it (we also hope it is humorous and entertaining too).

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