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Just me and my Pandaren!

I know – I’m a sucker — I couldn’t help it … I had to get myself the Pandaren. Actually, I got both Panda and mini-KT – but my favorite is BY FAR the panda. He was especially handy last weekend when I decided I had to get the Mark of the Chosen from killing the Khans in Maraudon.  It’s an excellent trinket to get yourself in the late 40’s/early 50’s.  Especially if you’re melee.  I find that it goes off constantly, and it is not too difficult to get all by yourself either.  It does, however, require some waiting.  Especially for one of the Khans inside the actual instance.  You see him waltz off into the distance as you zone in, then, unless you’re some sort of demi-God, you clear a few mobs and have to wait for him to get back.  You can follow him and try to catch up if you want, but it requires solo’ing lots of nasties by yourself – which can get tricky.

So, last weekend, I settled down to wait.  And wait.  Me and my Pandaren waited about 45 minutes for him to get back.  We took bunches of screenshots – here are some select few – enjoy!

Oh! And we killed that Khan and got Snazzle the trinket.  Yay!

Snazzle & Pandaren dancing 2

Pandaren yawning

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