Win a Little, Give a Little

There’s an excellent contest in the works at the moment, organized by your favorite podcasting lunatics at the Slash2Podcast, The Hunting Lodge, The Twited Nether, and the Pugcast!!  It’s called “It Came from the Podcast“, and the grand prize is a fabulous FIGUREPRINT!  Full of awesome!  The easy part is that all you have to do is listen to a bunch of funny idiots while they measure their e-peens and do other generally funny, entertaining, and occsionally even informative stuff, then send them an email — details can be found here!

When you have entered, you can make sure you get lots of good Karma by giving back a little.  Azeroth United is raising money for the very worthy cause: the Child’s Play Charity.  The goal is to raise $5000 from the wonderful community of WoW gamers by December 13th.  Every tiny little bit helps, so hop on over and lend a hand!


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