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Yes, I KNOW it’s Shammy gear

The really cool thing to come out of my emblem drama last weekend, was my new Gnome Warrior, SNAZZLE!

Snazzle front shot

I’m leveling her Protection, which is tons of fun!  Now, the observant of you will notice that she has some Heirloom items.  You might also discover that those Heirloom items looks suspiciously like Enhancement Shaman or Hunter Heirloom items.  Well – I don’t care!! I didn’t have enough emblems to get her brand new gear, so she’s got hand-me-downs from Shoxxie.   It’s still better than anything else around at level 21, and it gives the experience boost.  So, if you see a little gnome warrior with a spiffy pink ponytail running around in Shammy mail for a while – forgive her – her family couldn’t afford new stuff just yet.

Snazzle fighting

2 thoughts on “Yes, I KNOW it’s Shammy gear

  1. Hey, mail armor is mail armor, right?

    I once showed up in Goldshire on my Pally with Feralheart Shoulders (for balance druids) and someone mocked me. I pointed at his bare shoulders and mocked right back.

    (Eventually you’ll get the complete set.)

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