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A Cautionary Tale

gm_button-p145389652064446078cff6_400So, I did something incredibly stupid this weekend.

I was doing general upgrading on Shoxxie, and ran about 4 heroics on Friday night.  Now, I generally do not run many heroics – I usually end up leveling an alt instead.  The result of my meager heroics experience is that I don’t generally have a lot of emblems to shop with, and I have to say that the new Emblems of Conquest and their trade-in value for Emblems of Valor etc has been a huge mystery to me.

So, on Saturday morning, when I went to spend my newfound wealth of Emblems of Conquest, I remembered that you could trade them in for Emblems of Heroism or some such thing.  I went to see what the Emblem of Heroism Vendor had to offer me.  Wow! Look at that! She had an awesome Totem of Splintering — oooo! I could afford that!  So I ran over to the Emblem of Conquest Vendor, quickly flipped through to the last page of offered goods to find Emblems of Heroism.  Of course, I didn’t find any, but I DID find Emblems of Valor, so I bought 15 of those, (there was a confirmation window that popped up, but of course I clicked yes, since I really DID want to upgrade my crappy totem from Venture Bay.  Then I ran over to the Emblem of Valor Vendor, and went through the same procedure 15 times to FINALLY get 15 Emblems of Heroism so I could buy my totem.  Phew!  Equipped that – then decided I better have a look at the Emblems of Conquest vendor again to see how many more heroics I’d need to run to get some other new shiny …

Oh dear!  I bet some of you more savvy and careful players will know what I discovered: There was a BETTER totem you could get for Emblems of Conquest!! Oh noes!!!!  What an idiot.  I felt so incredibly stupid.    But, I figured it could surely be remedied – ran back to the Emblem of Heroism vendor and used the new sell-back feature, because really the totem had only been equipped for 10 minutes or so.   Then I went to try to sell-back the emblems – and NO!!!! Not possible!!! Eeeek!!! What was a girl to do?!? How do you sell back an Emblem?!?

So, I opened a ticket, explaining my issue.  And waited.  And waited.  Two days later I received this reply:

Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department.

Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill your request at this time.  Though our goal is to resolve every issue as requested, certain actions are beyond the scope of the Game Master Department.  Any emblems you exchange for other emblems cannot be reversed.  There is a confirmation after each emblem that you exchange.  If you do not wish to exchange your emblems please do not select the confirmation for the exchange. We regret any inconvenience you may have been caused.

Should you require further assistance, please submit another help request the next time you are online.  We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft!

REALLY!?! I mean REALLY!?!  Everything else in the game has a window where you can trade with another party member or sell-back items to the emblem vendor as long as it is within a certain time window!  I am really quite flabbergasted.  And disgusted with the customer service I was offered here.  TWO DAYS response time is horrendous.  And you really cannot tell me that the emblem exchange system is ridiculously easy.  It’s confusing, convoluted, and not transparent.

In short, I am miffed, miffed miffed.  And back to having equipped the Totem of Splintering.

The only good thing to come out of the adventure was the creation of Snazzle the Gnome Protection warrior, but that’s a story for another day.

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