Now that Shoxxie is 80 …

Last Sunday, Shoxxie turned 80 — she’s a big girl now, and it’s time to get rid of some of the useless gear she’s wearing.

Tankards 2

So, I thought I’d make myself a little wish-list of gear.  This is by no means an exhaustive pre-raid gear list, but it should get me close to useful. Also, keep in mind that this is an ‘immediate future’ type list … I’d like stuff right away please!

As you can see, above, Shoxxie has herself a couple of pretty nifty Tankards O’ Terror – I could afford this thanks to the very kind Antaya in our guild, who gave me a good deal on one of them — and I could afford Berserking on both of them thanks to hubbie’s stash of enchanting mats.  I am wondering if I should replace one of those enchants with Accuracy though — will mull it over for a while.

So, now that the weapons are taken care of, let’s go from Head to Trinket:

Head: Currently wearing the Swiftarrow Helm, which doesn’t have a metagem slot.   I’m thinking I want the Helmet of the Shrine — drool at all that expertise — drops off Eck in Heroic Gundrak … guess I’ll be heading there this weekend!

Neck: Had Vixxyne the JC make me a Titanium Spellshock Necklace – love it when my toons can help each other out!  Slapped a Precise Cardinal Ruby in it too… now I know why I’ve been doing Vixxyne’s JC dailies every day!

Shoulders: Currently equipped: Champion Herod’s Shoulders. Eeek! Time to get rid of that heirloom baby!

I’m thinking the Spaulders of the Black Arrow look decent … and i’m getting close to Revered with Ebon Hold, so shouldn’t take me too long.  I’m going for those.  If something better comes along, fair enough, but i have to get Revered for the Acanum for the head piece anyway, so there ya go.

Back: I just made myself this lovely Ice Striker’s Cloak — happy with that for now 🙂  I’m actually kind of the disappointed with the leatherworking patterns for an Enchancement Shaman — most of the AP gear is for hunters with all that Armor Penetration on them.  Oh well, I’ll make Vixxyne some nice stuff instead.

Chest: Oh dear – still wearing that heirloom Champion’s Deathdealer Breastplate.  Time to head up to Coldarra and do Aces High! for the quest reward: the Assault Hauberk has hit as well as decent stats, until I get exalted with the Argent Crusade and can get the Polished Regimental Hauberk (provided something else does not magically appear).

SIDE NOTE: hmm … seem to be doing both Ebon Hold and Argent Crusade Pa Troll every morning before work … can see late-ness in my future!

Bracers: Currently wearing the Eaglebane Bracers which will probably be hard to replace unless I buy myself something on the AH … open to suggestions here.

Gloves: Currently wearing the Swiftarrow Gauntlets that I made myself.  Once again, the easiest upgrade seem to drop in Heroic Gundrak: Grips of the Beast God.

Belt: Well, I am currently wearing the Valiant Belt of Battle; I was going to make myself the Swiftarrow Belt, but despite the higher quality and item level, it would actually result in lower attack power and no significant increase in other stats I’d really want (like expertise or hit).  Hmmm …. I like the Sovereign’s Belt which drops off King Ymiron (H UP), or since I’m running Heroic Gundrak, I might as well pick up the Belt of Tasseled Lanterns if that turns up first.

Rings: Vixxyne made me a pretty Titanium Impact Band.  It’s nice!  On the other ring I am currently wearing The Signet of Bridenbrad.  Haven’t made an immediate decision on what to put on the other finger … suggestions appreciated.

Trinkets: Trixxyne has made 5/8 of the Nobles cards for the Nobles Deck to acquire the Greatness Card, although I’m still hoping for one more to save on costs.  The Darkmoon Faire is this weekend, so here’s to hoping!  No doubt I’ll make a bunch of Chaos cards and not be able to sell them.


I leave you with this awesome shot of Windfury proc’ing with the Tankards!  Remember, comments are appreciated and suggestions welcome … remember this is a ‘get as quickly as possible’ wishlist, not necessarily the ultimate pre-raid gear list!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! The problem is I don’t have ONE honorable kill! But thx to your Wintergrasp post I might give it a go!

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